We are a tech company,
that builds Community Solutions.

Better Lives for Our Communities is Our Obssesion

About Us

“We believe in partnerships to better lives, using exciting and engaging communication and memorable technology."

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We partner to better lives by building compelling and engaging communication, stable and modern technology and beautifully designed tools that are simple and easy to use. we happen to build great software and build new bridges using technology driven communities."

We give the clients what they want, not the obvious things we do but the subtle things, the details, they discover something no one noticed before, something they fall in love with a glimpse and reach of what they can achieve, their story and how they can form efficient teams.

People read what they want most and experience the least.

We build solutions To better communities across a large number of industries

  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Insurance
  • Consulting

Technology to understand, help and connect

Our Services

We offer our services across three pillars. This ensures the perfect fit and partnership for our clients

Partnered Solutions

Are client initiated projects developed by us and co-owned by the client on fixed or reducing cost and with a shared revenue model.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions are developed to fill a gap realised in an industry/organization to boost returns, improve market access or better communication.

Community Solutions

Are developed to bring people together to create online interactive groups where people can meet, hang and get together.

Get In Touch

Contact Details

  • Top Plaza, Kindaruma Road, Nairobi
  • Phone: 0721 948 852
  • Email: web@webworx.co.ke
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