The Food Paradox

Eating, kills you slowly, everything you are eating is broken down into sub components and this expels energy which in turn slowly burns out your cells. Maybe blaming food is wrong but our bodies are built to wear and tear and unto to dust.

Not Eating, kills you way faster, this is something we must avoid to at least have time to wear and tear.

`Eating has become a necessity and an experience. It is the saddest thing that in almost every restaurant, the food that you eat and love sooo much, you hardly know the creator. Most chefs toil in the back and never get known.

I think we need to do more, to make food an experience and we need to do more to recognise our chefs, some years back, we were building a sensor for a manufacturing client and we needed some raw materials, so we went down to industrial area with all the metal fabricators , spent the entire day there and they took us for lunch, I have a rule, porridge is taken only by force, as a Kenyan child, I remember the torture , the porridge is pushed into your mouth with a spoon much bigger than your mouth, you gurgle and choke and spit some out, then that lightning action from your mother as she swoops the excess porridge on the edges of your mouth and face and scoops them back into the spoon and its shoved back into your mouth. You look down and the terror strikes you, the hand alone is bigger than your head, how , the hell will you get away from this madness and you cant even roll yourself yet. When I grew up and could role, walk, run, I said NO to porridge.

Second rule, chapos are eaten in a pairs, so back to inda, we order two chapatis, the guy serving tells us hata wazee wa mjengo, hawamalizi moja, we were advised to order for one, the chapos cost 7 bob, you could use that chapati to cover your bed, it was cooked in what looked to be the size of a car bonnet. I could not do anything for a few minutes and just looked at the chapati, it was folded eight times, it took 6 men to eat that chapati and finish it, then I recognised how big the people who eat in this place are, remember my small head when I was young, another case of big hands, the chef, he was called were, big assed hands the size of my torso. I have never had the courage to eat those chapatis again, but were has always been at the back of my mind.

This is why Captain Peter and myself are working on Online Food Experiences & Chef Based Platform – The Luncheon Company | The Luncheon Company , from managing food based businesses more effectively, to making food and experience and at the same time recognize the chefs who make our eating to be ever so delightful.

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